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From our bonded warehouse to your customers in Sub-Saharan Africa

As our headquarters is located in Belgium, we have our bonded warehouse and logistics platform near the port of Antwerp, so it is not only close to us, but also close to our partners in Belgium, France and Portugal.

Our distribution partners have over 100 years of market presence, comply with GDP requirements. Through our partnership model, we can count on flexible and well-organized partners, and are responsive to market changes. We can count on geographically strategic distributors, and because we do not focus on one distributor, we can combine the strengths of multiple partners, which afford us access to niche market segments. As a result of their strong market presence through a branch network in strategic towns we obtain 100% geographical coverage.

Efficient Logistics

Transport by road, by air or by sea

From our warehouse in Belgium, we transport to EU distributors in France, Poland and the Netherlands by road. European not-for-profit distribution is also performed by road.

To African wholesalers, we transport either by air, or by sea, depending on their location.

To enable efficient distribution into East Africa, we have a Nairobi based logistical platform for further distribution. Our Nairobi warehouse is within 15km radius to the farthest partner. In this way, we can act quickly in case of demand change. From our warehouse in Kenya, we also ship to wholesalers in Uganda and Tanzania, by road.

Our warehouse in Belgium:

The strengths of our warehouse in Belgium:

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Energia Pharma Services

Other services


To help you promote your products in Africa, you can count on our extensive commercial network and our own local offices in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can opt for exclusive or shared representatives; we will manage the sales force for you and we make sure we absorb all the HR, legal, logistical and financial headaches for you.

Regulatory Affairs

With our in-house knowledge and expertise of the African markets, we assist you in the country specific regulatory requirements. Based on your preferences, we can support you at every stage.

Additional Services

We provide tailor-made solutions to support your promotion, distribution and regulatory affairs, so we can meet your specific requirements. From Market intelligence to HR support, we have got you covered.

Deliveries FWA

  • Buffer stock close to partners
  • Max delay deliveries to France: 10 days
  • Distribution on country level by our partners and local wholesalers to hospitals,  pharmacists, …
  • Multiple partners per country to cover the entire market
  • Cost efficient transport

Deliveries EAC

  • Nairobi buffer stock for customers in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda
  • Distribution on country level by our partners and local wholesalers to hospitals, pharmacists, …
  • Multiple partners per country to cover entire market
  • Cost efficient transport